November, 2017
Type of work:
Highway Bar-Boljare

Cooperation on the development of the main project for electrical installation for tunnels on the Bar-Boljare Highway, Section Smokovac - Uvač-Mateševo ​​with the company RAMEL.

Development of a project for automation of management of hydraulic installations of fire extinguishing systems in the tunnels of the Bar – Boljare Highway. (tunnel 1- Suka, tunnel 2- Vežesnik, tunnel 4- Mrke, tunnel 5- Klopot, tunnel 6- Vilač, tunnel 7- Vjeternik, tunnel 8- Mrki krš, tunnel 10- Kosman, tunnel 11- Mala trava, tunnel 15 Zecka, tunnel 17 – Jabučki krš, tunnel 18- Preslo, tunnel 19- Đurilovac and tunnel 20- Mateševo) The proposed solution is based on the use of PLC devices which control the operation of pumps by monitoring the pressure in the discharge pipes, as well as levels in tanks. It is possible to connect to a single management system (SCADA). It is also provided protection against freezing of water in the pipes at the entrance to the tunnels. During the design, we paid attention to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of the system regarding to the type of facility and future purpose.