Industrial automation

Our expert team is qualified to provide a wide range of services in the field of automation in the industry from design, through manufacturing, installation and integration to commissioning of the system. Professional and efficient staff, as well as the highest quality equipment we use, dedication to the work we do, make us an ideal partner.

We offer modern solutions for industrial automation in the field of:

As well as management and control:

To this end, we provide:

A large number of projects in the field of industrial automation that stand behind us, speak of the quality and recognition of our business in both of the domestic and foreign markets.

ELKON is a bronze partner of the COPA-DATA group. COPA-DATA is the only independent software manufacturer that develops industrial and energy automation software that makes our customers’ lives easier.

“The COPA-DATA (CDPC) partner community is a global network of experts in the fields of energy industry and automation. It is based on long-term and sustainable business partnerships. Mutual trust, commitment and inspirational projects that include a zenon software platform are the scope of the Partnership’s work. ”

(from the official COPA-DATA website)

Home automation and BMS and low voltage systems

BMS AND HOME AUTOMATION – We have an innovative system of centralized management of office buildings, hotels and residential buildings with special emphasis on energy efficiency and maximum control of the environment.

Our efficiency systems for buildings are designed to help you:

  • Reduce energy costs as well as operating costs
  • Combine productivity and comfort
  • Make quick, accurate decisions about your energy strategy

We are authorized system integrators of global leader Johnson Controls. Their Metasys is the world’s leading building automation system. The system has a user interface for control: air conditioning, heating, cooling (HVAC), lighting, fire protection system, smoke, elevators, escalators …

Home automation, is the introduction of automation in the house, apartment, cottage … and includes centralized control of lighting, heating, multimedia, ventilation, air conditioning, as well as home appliances and other systems in order to increase comfort, improve the quality of life and stay in the rooms, but also to achieve significant energy savings and increased safety and security.

We allow you to control: lighting, heating and cooling, home appliances, blinds, alarm and video surveillance, garage doors, gates, swimming pools, saunas, irrigation system. We offer you the ability to control via a script, control multiple devices with the click of a button. Our goal is to adapt your place of residence to your current mood.

You can manage using:

  • mobile phone
  • remote control
  • TV-a
  • touch panel

Elkon, in cooperation with partners, is constantly trying to find new ways to function even better, work smarter and have everything at your fingertips. We are constantly improving our software, user interface, tracking and analytics to make them the best available, both now and in the future.

You can contact us to see how we can help organizations like yours to save money and energy and take complete control of their facilities.

In addition, we also make high-quality and fast low-voltage systems in business and residential buildings with the use of equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Mi smo ovlašteni sistem integratori globalnog lidera Johnson Controls-a. Njihov Metasys je vodeći svjetski sistem аutomatizacije zgrada. Sistem ima коrisnički interfejs za upravljanje: klimatizacijom, grijanjem, hlađenjem (HVAC), оsvjetljenjem, sistemom protivpožarne zaštite, odimljavanjem, liftovima, pokretnim stepenicama…

Technical documentation

For all your ideas, we offer the best solutions in the field of industrial automation designing, low current designing and BMS System designing.
We prepare technical documentation for:
• Automation of systems for monitoring and managing of devices in industrial processes
• Electric motor drives
• Measurement and regulation
• Automation in traffic systems (control of signaling, ventilation and lighting of tunnels, etc.)
• Automation in agriculture and food industry
• BMS and home automation


Our team of experienced and certified engineers and technicians can maintain your system and our services can be completely customized in accordance with the requirements of the end user.

Elkon offers you the possibilities:

  • Cost savings,
  • Focuses on concrete problem solving,
  • Appropriate support upon request,
  • Maintenance with a team of professional and reliable people.

We offer services of maintenance of a unique system, several production systems or the entire plant, urgent and accurate diagnostics, bringing the equipment into the designed functional condition in the form of:

  • Provision of services in emergency and preventive maintenance,
  • Customer support for plant and system performance optimization activities,
  • Customer support during planned overhaul.

We also offer the possibility of annual and semi-annual contracts. Our company has maintenance contracts with renowned hotels, embassies, companies in the industry and plumbing.

Naš tim iskusnih I sertifikovanih inženjera I tehničara može održavati Vaš sistem a naše usluge su potpuno prilagodljive korisniku.

Elkon vam pruža mogućnosti:

  • Uštede troškova,
  • Usmjerenosti na konkretno rješavanje problema,
  • Odgovarajuće podrške prema zahtjevu,
  • Održavanja uz tim stručnih i pouzdanih ljudi.

Manufacturing control cabinets

We provide design and manufacture of electrical cabinets for our projects and for other customers.

In our fully equipped workshop, with a professional team, we perform installation and connection of equipment in electrical cabinets according to previously defined technical documentation and with the possibility of issuing a certificate.

Our workshop is equipped with the most modern tools for manufacturing electrical cabinets, busbar systems as well as measuring and testing devices. We deliver and install ready-to-use electrical cabinets with testing and checking the functionality of the complete system on site.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources are permanent energy sources and within them we provide complete engineering in the field of solar power plants, wind power plants and mini hydropower plants.

The orientation of the company is, among other things, training and development in the field of renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency projects. In a short time we have made significant references here that we are very proud of. We have taken the first steps in designing solar power plants in Montenegro.

As the partner of the eminent company Dyrhoff from the United Kingdom, we have had several projects around the world. We perform complete automation engineering for dams of small hydropower plants and irrigation systems for them. Our engineers have designed automation systems, built control cabinets, developed software and successfully installed and put these systems into operation. So far, we have participated in projects in Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Spain, Ivory Coast, Scotland, Croatia, Guatemala and the United Arab Emirates.

We can offer complete engineering in the field of solar power plants, wind power plants and mini hydro power plants.