panels (HMI) and
PC panels

Operator panels (HMI) and PC panels – Equipment for monitoring and adjusting process parameters, with a high degree of IP and IC, for work in difficult industrial conditions but also less demanding environments. Ergonomic design as well as a wide selection of screens in different sizes allow the user easy operation of the system.

logic controlers

Reliable high-performance devices with analog, digital and communication expansion capabilities, easy to install and use. They control and monitor industrial operations in a sustainable, flexible, efficient and secure manner.

Our comprehensive range of industrial machine PLCs (supporting various protocols Modbus, BACnet, KNX, DALI, m-bus etc.) offers a wide range of solutions to meet automation needs, from small automated machines to advanced machine automation, advances machines and processes in all manufacturing industries


Soft starters – A wide range of motor starters for a wide range of rated motor powers as well as starter types, for installation inside electrical cabinets and with a high degree of protection for site work. Standard models and models with the possibility of integration via communication interfaces to other systems.


Frequency controllers – High-performance drives for variable motor speed control in different control applications. With a wide selection of accessories, they provide an additional degree of operational efficiency, security and reliability of system operation, communication and data exchange with other systems, as well as energy savings.

Remote access and communication equipment

Remote access and communication equipment – Wide selection of communication, manageable and unmanageable switches for the implementation of a network based on different media (Ethernet, optics …) and network protocols. The equipment for supporting remote access to devices, as well as gates for reliable connection between devices based on different protocols.

Instrumentation and

Process instrumentation – Devices for measuring all process variables (temperatures, pressures, flows, levels, weight, position …) of high precision and reliability for various closed automatic control systems.

Measuring transducers – Measuring transducers for measuring temperatures (PH electrodes, thermoparts …), mass, flow, angle, etc., with output voltage or milliampere signal (0..2-10V, 0..4-20mA), for mounting on DIN rail or directly on the measuring instrument.


Control component – Devices for managing simple applications with a limited number of functions, timers, digital relays for phase monitoring, monitoring of electricity consumption, monitoring of average quantities, etc.