April, 2018
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Građevina
JZU Klinički centar Crne Gore
Podgorica, Montenegro
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Development of the main BMS and EMD project for the Mental Health Clinic in collaboration with the company Sienersys

The subject of this project is BMS and EMD for the Clinic for Mental Health in Podgorica.
The designed monitoring and control system is designed to provide the ability to monitor, manage and regulate the following systems within the building:
– thermotechnical systems (ventilation and air conditioning systems)
– electric power installations (supervision over the electric power network). 

The organization of the Central Managing and Supervising System is based on the principle of a distributed system of microprocessor automatic stations (controllers).
The advantages of such a system are:
– Centralized monitoring of all systems from one place in real time
– Immediate detection of failures and exceedances of parameters important for the operation of the facility
– Timely warning for servicing equipment based on hours counters
– Generating a database on the operation of systems necessary for techno-economic analysis
– Possibility to use software packages to save energy during system operation
– Reduction of the workforce
– Periodic switching of pumps or fans for a longer period when they do not work according to the technological requirements in order to ensure their operational competence for operation.
The designed solution is the most modern solution for this type of objects which offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.