Oktober, 2015

Type of work:

Design / Commissioning


Grijanje d.o.o.


Pljevlja, Crna Gora

Preparation of project documentation and implementation of a system for partial automation of the gas tract and regulation of pump operation along the lines of fluid return in the boiler room in Skerlićeva Street, Pljevlja

The problem of poor or insufficient combustion leads to increased emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and also to a decrease in burner efficiency. The idea was to monitor the combustion of O2 in the blowed out gases and regulate the opening of the furnace and the amount of fresh air to improve combustion and reduce the concentration of CO2 in the air. It is also planned to monitor and regulate the temperature of the fluid according to consumers in a way that regulates the operation of pumps along the lines of fluid return.
  • All that, in order to increase the efficiency of the boiler room. It is also planned the possibility of setting algorithms for the operation of condensate lines via the CHF in order to increase efficiency and reduce the influence of the human factor.
    The installation of probes for monitoring the concentration of O2 in flue gases as well as a frequency regulator installation were provided and that regulates the amount of fresh air in a closed loop. A system consists of a PLC device and an HMI “touch screen” has been installed, and its task is to measure the temperature in the branches of condensate return based of an appropriate algorithm for regulating the operation of pumps. It is supposed to have the possibility of time switching on the pumps according to the appropriate previously set scenario, as well.