July, 2016
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Građevina
"Modena gradnja Budva'' d.o.o.
Budva, Montenegro
25 - ROJAL GARDENS (3) - neka ova ide kao naslovna

Development of the main project of Automation and EMD for the Business - Apartment Complex Royal Gardens in Budva

The subject of the project is the management of ventilation and flue gas systems for the business-apartment complex.
The designed automation is based on the use of PLC devices whih enables monitoring of the concentration of CO or possible situation of fire and according to that it includes ventilation in the appropriate mode of operation.
The project also predicts occasional ventilation of the garage according to a certain algorithm.
As the PLC device is designed, it gives the possibility to later, if there is the need, connect the ventilation and flue system to a BMS system.
The designed solution for this type of facilities offers reliable system operation.