May, 2020
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Građevina
Čanj investment d.o.o. Podgorica
Bar, Montenegro
amma dep

Main project design of BMS and EMD Tourist complex in Canj, Basic object

The subject of the project is design of BMS and EMD for Basic Facility 1.
The main task of this project is the integration of the hotel system with systems for 8 depadances and an underground garage, which are part of other projects, into a single BMS as well as integration with the RMS system which is part of the low current project.
The advantages of such a system are:
centralized monitoring of all systems from one place in real time, immediate detection of failures and exceedances of parameters important for the operation of the facility, timely warning for servicing equipment based on hours counters, generating a database of systems necessary for techno-economic analysis and similiar.
A supervisory and management system has been designed to provide the possibility of supervision, management and regulation of the following systems within the facilities:
– thermotechnical systems (ventilation and air conditioning systems)
– thermal substation
– sprinkler system control
– smoke system in case of fire
-consumption of electricity and water
– lighting
– diesel electric generator