September, 2020
Type of work:
Izvodjenje / Projektovanje / Građevina
Čelebić d.o.o.
Podgorica, Montenegro
18 - UPRAVNA - CELEBIC (7) - neka ova ide kao naslovna

Main project design of Automation and EMD for Business building

The subject of the project is automation and EMD for the Business Building within the Central Business Facilities in Donja Gorica.
The control system of the electric motor drive is designed to provide the possibility of control and automatic regulation within the building over the systems of thermotechnics – ventilation and air conditioning systems and system in case of fire.
The designed solution, depending on the type of system, is based on the use of PLC devices that control the opening / closing of the damper and the operation of the fan.
Touch panels have also been designed from which it is possible to issue a command for start / stop air handling units. The user on the panel itself defines which of the spaces is used to according to that be opened by appropriate dumpers.
This modern solution has been designed for this type of facility that offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.