June, 2020
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Građevina
The Ministry of Economy of Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro

Main project design of BMS and EMP for the Ministries Building

The subject of the project is design of BMS and EMD for the Ministries Building.
A supervisory and management system has been designed to provide the possibility of supervision, management and regulation of systems within the building.
BMS and EMD monitors and manages:
– preparation of sanitary hot water
– VRV system
– lighting
– DEA and UPS
– electricity consumption – in order to ensure the optimal consumption of electricity
The advantages of such a designed system are centralized monitoring of the operation of all systems from one place in real time, continous detection of failures and exceeding of parameters important for the operation of the facility, etc.
The designed automation system is based on equipment with standardized KNX communication
protocol which includes standardized engineering and ensures easy maintenance by accredited companies and a long service life
system. KNX solutions are open to upgrades according to user needs and implementation of
new technologies and solutions during the service life of the system.
This modern solution has been designed for this type of facility that offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.