October, 2019.
Type of work:
Agencija za izgradnju Podgorice
Podgorica, Montenegro

Main project design of BMS and EMD for City Theater in Podgorica in cooperation with the company Ing Investom

The subject of the project is BMS and EMD for the City Theater in Podgorica. It is a supervisory – management system that is designed to provide the ability to monitor, manage and regulate systems within the building.
BMS and EMD monitors and manages:
– thermal substation for preparation of sanitary hot water
– smoke protection system (smoke)
– thermotechnical systems (ventilation and air handling systems)
– sprinkler installation
The advantages of such a designed system are centralized monitoring of the operation of all systems from one place in real time, continous detection of failures and exceeding of parameters important for the operation of the facility, etc.
The designed solution offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.