July, 2017
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Građevina
Zelenilo Podgorica d.o.o.
Podgorica, Montenegro
Tehnicka dokumentacija (1)

Development of the Main project of electrical installations of high voltage for the object Adaptation of part of the administrative building in cooperation with Ing Invest doo

This adaptation project was made on the basis of the Main Project of thermotechnical installations and on the basis of the existing situation in the boiler room including all the requirements of the Investor. The project of thermotechnics provides a combined boiler for heating with wood and heating oil. The project of high voltage requires a cabinet of automation for power supply and control of the boiler room.
The basis of automation is consisted of SIEMENS controllers and a display which enables program entry, setting of operating temperatures and also reading of operating parameters.
Signals from temperature electrodes are put into the controller, so that the valve opening is controlled via analog outputs based on setpoints and the appropriate PID controller algorithm.
This modern solution has been designed for this type of facility which offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.