September, 2016.
Type of work:
Direkcija za uređenje i izgradnju Kotora - Municipality Kotor
Kotor, Montenegro
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Development of the main project of automation and EMD for the Distribution Water Supply System towards "Street 1" in Koštanjice, Kotor

The subject of the project is automation, EMD and remote monitoring (SCADA) of the parameters of the booster station for water supply in Kostanjice.
The designed solution is based on the use of a PLC device which controls the operation of the pump by monitoring the pressure in pipes of the booster plant.
The PLC software should enable the parameters (pressure, flow, …) of the plant to be sent via GPRS communication to the SCADA system. During the design,we paid special attention to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of the system having in mind the type of facility and purpose.