December, 2017
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Izvođenje / Građevina
Serzman Incorporated d.o.o.
Dobrota Kotor, Montenegro
43 - HOTEL HUMA (8) - neka ova ide kao naslovna

The main project design and development of site works on automation and EMD for the Huma hotel with depadances in Dobrota

The subject of the project is BMS and EMD for the hotel with depadances in Dobrota.
It is designed to be the most modern
supervisory – management system which is designed to provide the ability to monitor, manage and regulate the following systems within the building:
– thermotechnical systems (ventilation and air conditioning systems)
– electric power installations (supervision over the electric power network)
– lighting management.
Such modern solution has been designed for this type of object which offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.
Control cabinets for hotel management, including installation and connection of these cabinets have been made as well as software development and commissioning of the complete system. Lighting in the building is controlled by “touch” panels at the reception, while outdoor lighting is turned on at a set time of a day. Air handling unit, heat substations and garage ventilation are controlled by the motion sensors. All cabinets and the complete system are integrated into the SCADA system from where the complete system can be managed and monitored.