September, 2017
Type of work:
Projektovanje / Izvođenje / Građevina
Direkcija za izgradnju i investicije - Municipality Rožaje
Rožaje, Montenegro

Main project and development of the Automation and EMD system for the business building - market in Rožaje

The subject of the project is automation and electric motor drive for the market place.
This project has processed the automatic control of thermotechnical equipment in the thermal substation.
The basis of automation is consisted of Johnson Controls controllers and a display which enables program entry, setting of operating temperatures as well as reading of operating parameters.
Signals from temperature electrodes are put into the controller, so that the valve opening is controlled via analog outputs based on setpoints and the appropriate algorithm.
Monitoring and regulation of fluid temperature according to consumers for underfloor and radiator heating is also planned.
The modern solution has been designed for this type of facility which offers energy efficiency and reliable system operation.
When we talk about the development of Automation and EMD systems for the market with the goal of controlling and managing thermotechnical installations there are some points. The installation of temperature electrodes for temperature monitoring on the collector / distributor and on the return lines of all heating branches was done. A system is installed, which is made up of a PLC device whose task is to measure the temperature and on the basis of the appropriate algorithm to regulate the operation of pumps. It is possible also to moderate the time switching on the pumps according to the appropriate previously set scenario.